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Commercial Building Remodeling Features To Attract Tenants In 2021

In 2020 the covid outbreak made us aware of the importance of healthy workplaces. Generally, the company tries to utilize its floor space as efficiently as possible to save rent. But this time around, we understood the importance of installing proper ventilation and energy-efficient devices. 

Many companies have shifted to work from home setup; however, there are still employees working from their workplaces. The hybrid or work from office setup has made it mandatory to make multiple changes in the commercial spaces that will improve the work efficiency and safety among the employees. Let us walk you through the remodeling features that could be implemented in the workplace to turn it into a healthier and safer space.  

What Is Workplace Hygiene?

Recent times have made us realize the importance of workplace hygiene more than ever. Moreover, since we are continuing our jobs amidst the Covid pandemic, we must make a few modifications to the commercial space for a healthier work environment. 

Hygiene is the practice of keeping oneself and the surroundings clean to prevent infection and disease and stay fit. Therefore, personal hygiene and sanitation are of utmost importance for the office environment. Apart from personal sanitation, some other changes like maintaining high air quality, installing energy-efficient devices, and touchless equipment should be addressed in the workspace. 

Why Does A Well-Equipped Workplace Make An Employee Feel Safer?

In covid times, we all are advised to maintain social distancing and a well-equipped workplace makes an employee feel safer due to following reasons:

  • Cloud-based meetings and sensor-based devices provide contactless services.
  • Proper ventilation and air purifier is helping to maintain AQI and making the environment relieving
  • Employee monitoring solutions keep the employees under medical surveillance.

The various commercial space improvements that will attract more tenants in 2021 are as follows:

Design A Well-Ventilated Workplace

A simple and effective way to keep the workplace healthier is ensuring that they have better ventilation. The US CDC has now recognized that the pandemic is becoming more dominant with airborne transmission. ASHRAE recommended that increased ventilation with outdoor air can reduce the chances of covid to a great extent. It is also fascinating to know that ventilation saves energy directly by lowering the electricity consumption of other devices, like fans. Ventilators are also indirect energy savers because air conditions provide us with less warm air during summer while space heaters give us less cold air during winter.

ASHRAE recommends more ventilation for the workplaces as per the place’s climate. According to the regulatory body, energy recovery ventilators are even better because these ventilators can exchange heat and humidity between the air supply and air exhaust, thus saving on both heating and cooling.  

Use Building Automation And Sensor Devices 

Another remodeling feature for the workplace is building automation and sensory devices. Commercial buildings also become safer for occupants when hand contact is minimum. It is valid for the surfaces we touch daily, like doorknobs, bathroom faucets, elevator buttons, light switches, etc. Building automation and touchless devices makes work more comfortable and safe. In addition, dual Tone Multi-Frequency-based automation systems can successfully save energy by controlling devices like lighting, air handlers, air conditions, and space heaters. 

If a company is looking for a commercial space, then automation and touchless controls provide added value and a marketing edge in commercial properties.

Get A Building Certification 

Building certification is proof that the commercial property offers high performance, and subject matter experts outside the company award it. Now, there are many certifications available, namely:

  • LEED: LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is an ecology-oriented building certification program run under the US Green building council. This certification mainly focuses on energy and environmental performance.
  • WELL: The WELL building standard is a performance-based system that includes measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the building, which can impact human wellbeing. This certification mainly focuses on occupants’ health and wellbeing.
  • SPIRE: SPIRE is the intelligent building assessment and rating program. The objective of this certification is to provide a holistic solution that encourages you to prioritize and promote innovative building features.

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